LeafSeal F600

Coloured mineral dry shake floor hardener

Code  LeafSeal F600
Brand  LeafSeal
Shelf life  12 months
Packing  25kg/bag
Form  Grey/Green, dry powder

LeafSeal F600 is a premixed, ready to use powder, designed for application as a dry shake over a freshly floated concrete floor or floor screed to obtain an aesthetically pleasing, colored floor with significant improvement in its abrasion resistance. The product is based on selected hard wearing mineral aggregates blended with certain alkali and light fast coloring pigments and hydraulic binders.

Premixed therefore ready to use, easy apply, high and consistent quality.
Improves resistance to abrasion.
Reduce surface dust.
Improves resistance to impact.
Improves resistance to oils and greases.

Ware-house floor
Parking lot