LeafSeal F210

A two component water based epoxy coating

Code  LeafSeal WP210
Brand  LeafSeal
Shelf life  12 months
Packing  20kg/ set (Part A 16Kg, Part B 4Kg)
Color  RAL K5 Classic

LeafSeal F210 is a high performance developed 2 component, water based epoxy coating to provide an easily cleaned surface, which is resistant to many common oils and liquids, with excellent adhesion to concrete and cement/sand screeds. Particularly suitable for wall/floor applications in garages, warehouses, light industry, kitchens and other areas subject to light vehicle and pedestrian traffic. 

Recommended as the waterproof lining for the water feature such as aquarium tank, septic tank, civil wastewater tank…etc.  
Product applied to form a dust free, joint less, semi-gloss finishing and available in a wide range of attractive colors.



Area of use are light duty industrial for process where the floor is subjected to pallet tuck, trolley and  fork lift traffic areas, car park deck, include laboratories, electronic and clean rooms, automotive assembly, aircraft hangar, garages, pharmaceutical,  printing pulp paper, mills, refineries and other industrial plants sectors where chemical resistance and required.
Seamless, monolithic application
Hygienic, easy to clean
High chemical resistance to wide range of chemicals
Abrasion resistant, against light traffic and trolley movement
Hard wearing floors finish
Wide range of colors